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Stripe – Silicon Valley’s Most Precious Gem

Stripe just became Silicon Valley’s most precious gem and clearly, Patrick and John Collison have the luck of the Irish as their digital payments brainchild has reportedly raised $600m at a $95B valuation, making it the most valuable private company ever to come out of Silicon Valley. (apparently, they don’t even need the money) Here’s why:…

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Elon Musk is THE Technoking

In the world of R A R E F I E D Elon has no match – Elon Musk has dropped his chief executive job title and crowned himself “Technoking of Tesla”. Tesla‘s chief financial officer, Zach Kirkhorn, has the new title of Master of Coin. #wakeupimagine #culture #cryptocurrency

Augmented Eternity meets Black Mirror

Feels like I keep writing about this topic and now there is a burgeoning industry developing around the “digital afterlife”. Great artcile to read and yes, they do mention the bizarre Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back,” in which a bereaved young widow interacts with a digital avatar of her late husband. Over the course…

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Barcelona x Covid Wanderlust

Amazing overhead view of B A R C E L O N A with Gaudi’s Sagrada Família anchored in the centre. Evokes a wee bit of wanderlust as vaccines dance upon the horizon. #wakeupimagine #travel

Brands on Clubhouse

Or Brands oo any social media for that matter – it’s the consistent shiny spoon syndrome, when something is so new and fresh, #brands seemingly have no idea what to look for when it comes to Clubhouse they just know it’s a significant avenue that they should capitalize on. Clubhouse has been all the rage of late which evokes…

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Vaccine Passports

Interesting read – The pros and cons of vaccine passports – will they get us back to normal and at what cost? After a year of canceled concerts, closed-door sporting events, and restricted air travel, vaccine passports are being touted as a way to quicken the route back to normalcy. But with all things of…

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Beeple x NFT x $69M

Wow!!! – “Everydays — The First 5000 Days,” by the artist known as Beeple, set a record for digital artwork in a sale at Christie’s (surpassing bids for work by artists like Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí). Wait you say… I’m just trying to get my head around #blockchain (the general ledger), bitcoin (#cryptocurrency), and fungible currencies…

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Oprah = Sales

Crazy! – The patio furniture from Oprah’s all-access Meghan and Harry interview has sold out! Plus, high-income viewers have also been snapping up Markle’s Giorgio Armani dress, which retails for $4,700. And … there’s a run on Oprah’s specs to boot. Yes, these are crazy times people, but as we have seen before, anytime Oprah…

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Backbone Angels

Love this! – Women Leaders who helped build Shopify have launched a new angel group in Canada, focused on investing in women and non-binary founders with a specific focus on Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)-led companies. Called Backbone Angels, the group consists of 10 angel investors who have held various management-level roles at Shopify. The…

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Esports top $1B in Revenue

Global #esports will top $1 billion in revenue for the first time in 2021, says a Newzoo Report. China is leading the growth, generating more than a third of worldwide revenue. #wakeupimagine #trends

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