$5 Million ways Google makes an Impact

$5 Million ways Google makes an Impact. Google believes technology can make a better world, faster. As we have seen from their many incredible initiatives, innovations, and moonshots, Google puts their money where their mouth is – they truly walk the walk. The Google Impact Challenge travels the world to different regions, asking local nonprofits how they would use innovation to make a better world, and then they invite the public to vote for the projects that resonate and have the greatest impact potential. For the first time, Google.org brings the Impact Challenge to Canada to support nonprofit innovators using technology to tackle (and hopefully solve) some of the world’s biggest social problems.

And Google doesn’t tread lightly in this realm, as they are awarding $5 million across 10 organizations to help bring their ideas to life – five winning teams will receive a $750,000 grant, and five additional finalists will receive $250,000 to help develop their concepts. A few months ago, Google invited Canadian nonprofits to share their best ideas for how to build a better world through technology and from hundreds of entries they tapered the field to just ten projects that Google feels have the potential to change the world, advance innovation, and make an impact in people’s lives.

A big shout out to VOTE for one of our very own! Ray D’Antonio’s (EVP at our Print Group) son Christian is part of an incredible project called Growing North, and is one of the 10 finalists. According to Growing North, in Nunavut, nearly 70% of adults are ‘food insecure’. Growing North addresses food insecurity issues by building geodesic greenhouses that will provide fresh produce all year round in latitudes above the Arctic Circle (averaging temperatures below -30C) at about half of the present cost. A fantastic enterprise, truly worthy of your consideration… and your vote: #VoteGrowingNorth

Now it’s your turn to help choose the winners. You can vote via the link below up to four times to fund the projects you care about most. Voting goes till March 28th so check it out…

Google.org Impact Challenge – Let’s Build a Better World, Faster
Google.org is granting $5 million to Canadian nonprofits.
Your vote helps decide where the funding goes.

Growing North
Growing North’s mission is to sustainably provide fresh, locally grown produce to families living in Northern Canada, at a fraction of the current price, while positively contributing to the educational infrastructure and job market.

Michael Chase, CMO
St. Joseph Communications

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