Amazon Key provides package delivery access INSIDE your front door

Amazon Key provides package delivery access INSIDE your front door. Yes, you heard that correctly. When I talk to people about this new Amazon innovation – that tackles the last mile of the delivery dilemma – they are wildly polarized. “Not at home? Not a problem,” says Amazon. “As a Prime member, get your Amazon packages securely delivered just inside your front door. Plus, grant access to the people you trust, like your family, friends, dog walker, or house cleaner – no more leaving a key under the mat.” So… is it creepy or convenient?

How does it work? Simple. Amazon Key is a new Prime program enabled by a home automation kit that equips your home with a security camera, smart lock and mobile app that allows delivery of packages “just” inside your door.

What happens on delivery day? Amazon explains the process on their new product microsite – “On delivery day, you’ll receive a notification with a 4-hour delivery window… Right before the driver arrives at your door, you receive an ‘Arriving Now’ notification (providing an option to watch the delivery happening live). The driver will knock first and then make a request to unlock your door with their Amazon handheld scanner. Amazon verifies that the package belongs to the address, and the driver unlocks your door with the aid of Amazon Cloud Cam. No special codes or keys are given to the driver. The driver will then place the package just inside your door and request to relock the door. Once delivery is complete and your door is relocked, you’ll get a final notification and can watch a video clip of the delivery.”

To kick things off, the e-commerce behemoth will offer the service to Amazon Prime members in 37 cities across the U.S. with the goal of making it available to its coveted Prime members across the globe. You can see the dependence quotient ratcheting up with this growing loyalty program.

Not to be bested on getting inside your front door, Walmart U.S. is testing out a similar service with a grocery spin and also adding a twist. Your delivery person will not only unlock your front door but will actually put your groceries in your fridge! “Someone else does the shopping for you AND puts it all away,” says Walmart. “You’ve got to give credit to Amazon and even Walmart these days for trying to innovate,” said a Forrester, e-commerce analyst.

I know what you’re saying – no way! But, need I remind you… at one point you would have said it was unthinkable to date someone with a swipe of your phone – Tinder. Or get in a complete stranger’s car – Uber and Lyft. Or perhaps say, rent your house out to a Scandinavian family you’ve never met – hello Airbnb. So as much as there may be a cringe-worthy backlash against these types of novel concepts, we’ve seen that convenience seems to trump privacy every time, and users can acclimatize more quickly than we’d have ever thought. With the combination of a door lock and camera (which alerts you to the delivery and starts recording after the package barcode is scanned for access), it’s getting pretty close to a secure solution. Unsettling yes, but now you can order large screen TVs without leaving them to scavenging porch pirates.

Michael Chase, CMO
St. Joseph Communications

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Posted on November 13, 2017 in Marketing, Retail, Technology, Trends

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