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[YouTube Series] Cup of Jo with Karla Congson

Welcome to Cup of Jo. An interview series where we have caffeinated conversations, with wickedly smart people, about how brands, are transforming the way they engage with people. Our hope is that Cup of Jo helps you, your brand, and the industry at large, with insights and foresight to help guide and empower success. Today…

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Now Trending – Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight

Now Trending – Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight. I was just in Halifax delivering our Print in a Digital World Trend Report to a very engaged audience of Canada Post partners, agencies and marketers. One of the questions I’m continually asked after delivering our report is… How do I make sense of the shifting world, amass…

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Gaetano Gagliano – the passing of a cultural trendsetter

Gaetano Gagliano – the passing of a cultural trendsetter. I still think back to my first week at St. Joseph’s nine years ago, when I was asked to design something “incredible” for Gaetano’s (our company’s founder and patriarch) upcoming 90th birthday. No pressure! I managed to capture the signatures of all 1700 St. Joseph associates…

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IoT – How connected will we be?

IoT – How connected will we be? Ok, let’s say you had a wee bit of a binge eating weekend, and to compensate, you’ve been using your wearable fitness app to track your steps and calories, along with your connected bathroom scale. When you go to open your smart fridge for an innocent midday snack,…

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. I was listening to a great SXSW interview last week given by Kevin Plank, Founder & CEO of Under Armour. He recalled crying at a tollbooth some 10 years ago trying to explain to the toll attendant that he simply didn’t have the small sum of $2 needed to pay…

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