How do you Netflix – a shocking new habit revealed

How do you Netflix – a shocking new habit revealed. The ubiquitous red logo video streaming giant added the term “binge-watching” to our lexicon – pioneering a new way to consume TV. And Netflix has just revealed a shocking new related habit – apparently, we’ll watch movies and TV practically anywhere, and about 67% of us are now watching videos in public. According to a commissioned survey, of 37,000 adults around the world, the most popular places to stream are on planes, on buses or commuting. “The introduction of the Netflix download feature has given users the freedom to watch their favorite movies and shows wherever they want, like during their commute or waiting in line, and for some… that means at work or even in a public restroom. Netflixing in Public has become a social norm,” said Netflix’s Production Innovation Director Eddy Wu in a press release.

Some of the crazy worldwide “public bingeing” stats from the survey:

  • 26% of users surveyed admitted to bingeing at work (tipped up to 37% in the US)
  • 27% said they binged while waiting in line
  • 7% aren’t afraid to watch in public restrooms
  • 17% were so engrossed in a show or movie that they missed a stop on their commute
  • 45% said they’d caught someone spying on their screens
  • 11% said they had a show spoiled after looking on another person’s screen
  • 18% said they felt embarrassed about watching in public
  • 35% of public bingers have been interrupted while watching because someone wanted to talk about the contents of their public bingeing
  • 22% of respondents admitted to crying while bingeing in public, and 70% admit to laughing out loud. Netflix’s data release notes say, “it’s unlikely to see a German bawling while they binge” – Ok, maybe a little too specific.

So evidently “Netflixing in Public” is now a thing along with “Netflix and Chill” – either way, with a global audience of 110 million subscribers, Netflix is our streaming drug of choice. The rise of public bingeing is undoubtedly being driven by the always-within-reach mobile market which now has the necessary speed to stream on-the-go (Netflix claims that half of its users stream from a smartphone in any given month).

So I guess the first step is to acknowledge that in fact, you binge-watch Netflix. The next step is to acknowledge that you may very well be one of the many public bingers out and about. And… never forget, Netflix is paying close attention to your viewing habits – they know where you are, what you watch, and what you might like to watch. Now… back to watching 🙂

Michael Chase, CMO
St. Joseph Communications

Posted on December 5, 2017 in Entertainement, Marketing, Technology, Trends

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