Meta warning.

Ok, people, time to read the books or at least watch the movie Ready Player One!! as the M E T A V E R S E is clearly on the table – If you’re a sci-fi junky like me you first read about it in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and then got further dazzled by Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (which Spielberg made into a movie) and Cline’s lastest Ready Player Two (which takes Elon Musk’s Neurolink to its inevitable conclusion).

But this new brave world can NOT be the dominion of just one or a handful of companies, especially that being Zuckerberg’s FACEBOOK aka META. If you read the books or watch the movie you will see what happens when bad actors like Innovative Online Industries (IOI), who want to control the OASIS (The Metaverse) – which the dystopian books all paint a bleak picture of. It must be for all – what the internet was truly meant to be!!

This will be the dominion of #cryptocurrencies#NFTs#blockchain, and all the current bleeding edge concepts people are trying to wrap their arms around. Study up … it’s coming.


Posted on November 15, 2021 in Innovation, Social Media, Technology, Trends

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