Playing it Safe

#marketoon – it’s definitely a tricky time for brands and the marketers who look to raise said brands to a conversation that matters. Playing it safe always tends to land you in the world of MEH, and nobody likes meh. Sure social media is a landmine-filled quagmire, but if you’re challenging the status quo, breaking into new territory, or just plain putting good stuff into the world then playing it safe never turns heads or minds. Play it smart, think many moves out, and yes, you generally know what offensive looks like – right?! #imagine #marketing #advertising #brands #designthinking

Posted on March 2, 2021 in Creativity, Marketing, Trends

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Michael Chase - a true hybrid – part doctor, part strategist, part data monkey, part creative director, part global growth hacker (when you're doing bic pen tracheotomies you still have to think of EBITDA) and through and through an innovator.

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