Shake it baby. The Streaming Shuffle is afoot.

The Walt Disney Company and #Disney+ are certainly shaking up the landscape with C R A Z Y growth. That said it’s not like Netflix is not holding its own (even with earnings showing “slowed” global growth) as the move to #cablecutting is accelerating and the big legacy TV players have all been shifting towards streaming vehicles of their own. I think we will start to see interesting #subscriptioneconomy bundles starting to pop up as differentiators (think access to theme parks, new audio podcats, travel, VIP everything, etc) along with vertical integration, plus the subscription giants like Apple and Amazon adding to their ecosystems with #Prime and #AppleOne. By the way #Hamilton on Disney+ was A M A Z I N G – just saying. #wakeupimagine#streamingwars#innovation#subscription

Thanks for the #Avengers Shuffle Tim Gray! Go Thanos Go Thanos…

Posted on May 4, 2021 in Creativity, Entertainement, Innovation, Marketing, Technology, Trends

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