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B – Bye 2020 … Hello 2021

Just #imagine the possibilities people. Just imagine.

50 Most Innovative Companies

Great list of the Top 50 Most #Innovative Companies of 2020…

My Voice is My Passport

My Voice is My Passport. As I noted in our last Mashup, ‘Alexa’ (Amazon’s new voice activated, intelligent personal assistant), was the clear standout at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas. But for me, it even gets better than that – Amazon has just brought my childhood (ok, adulthood) sci-fi-junkie self to a…

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IoT – How connected will we be?

IoT – How connected will we be? Ok, let’s say you had a wee bit of a binge eating weekend, and to compensate, you’ve been using your wearable fitness app to track your steps and calories, along with your connected bathroom scale. When you go to open your smart fridge for an innocent midday snack,…

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