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John Ruffolo, Inspiration, and Maverix

John Ruffolo is back and with Managing Partner Mark Maybank they have opened a new company aptly named Maverix Private Equity – run by entrepreneurs, funded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The supporting cast of which is nothing but remarkable – John refers to them as “Team Canada” – with advisors > Jim Balsillie, John Bitove, Arlene Dickinson, Peter Gilgan, Dani Reiss, C.M.…

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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing. In our not so distance past, influencers were just regular run of the mill people who leveraged social media channels to share details about their lives, opinions, quirks, passions, and generally anything about which people would pay attention. And pay attention they did. Today, the most popular social media influencers…

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NY to London for a little business and high tea?

NY to London for a little business and high tea? I had no concept that commercial airlines fly no faster today than they did in the 1950s. Given the huge advancements and technological leaps in every other arena, plus the quantum jumps in aerospace (isn’t Elon Musk planning a Mars shot?!), why are we not…

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Walmart buys a shiny new Jet(.com)

Walmart buys a shiny new Jet(.com). And, at $3.3 billion, it’s an expensive Jet to boot – the largest e-commerce acquisition in the market to date. It’s been interesting watching the reaction to this acquisition and what everyone has to say about it. It may seem obvious – to compete against Amazon – but here’s…

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Chatbots – friendly or frightening?

Chatbots – friendly or frightening? This week we’re looking at Chatbots or Bots (for those who like to fling around in-the-know jargon). As we reviewed in last week’s Mashup, chatbots are artificially intelligent algorithms that are designed to interact with humans in a human-like way – answering questions, performing tasks… I’ve recently been exploring a…

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