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Fake News – “Truthiness” Hurts Us All

Fake News – “Truthiness” Hurts Us All. The term “truthiness” was made wildly popular by late-night TV personality Stephen Colbert. He used it to describe “politicians’ and pundits’ preference for concepts they wish were true over ones that actually are true.” To make matters worse, truthiness has been put into practice – in the run-up…

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Facebook changes the publishing game – Instantly

Facebook changes the publishing game – Instantly. Our ever-evolving friend Facebook initially launched the first trials of their new Instant Articles ten months ago, with a proposal to have publishers post articles straight into the Facebook App (instead of initially doing so on their own websites). Why would a publisher want to explore this option?…

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Hacking the Human Genome

Hacking the Human Genome. Some of the world’s top scientists gathered this week to consider technology that might alter the course of humankind. Overlooked against that little Climate Change Summit across the Atlantic, The International Summit on Human Gene Editing was held in Washington to tackle questions related to the science and ethics of tinkering…

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