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Data is the New Oil

Data is the New Oil. It isn’t surprising that we are awash with data. What is shocking is the volume of data, as the “global datasphere” is expected to balloon to 44 zettabytes (that’s one trillion gigabytes!) by 2020, and 163 zettabytes by 2025, which marks a tenfold increase over what was created in 2016 (according…

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#CES2017: We do life and create data

#CES2017: We do life and create data. We are clearly on the cusp of some of the biggest technological changes in years. There are always cool, cutting-edge gadgets that come out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year, but this year felt different with three major trends converging: 1. Autonomy; 2. Machine Learning; and…

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Shomi falls to Netflix

Shomi falls to Netflix. It isn’t long ago that we used to undertake the pilgrimage to the local Blockbuster to pick up our videos. Rushing to get them back on time. Paying late fees when we didn’t quite make it (and if you remember back far enough, paying a fee if you didn’t rewind your…

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The Seductiveness of Data

The Seductiveness of Data. As my good friend and author Mitch Joel says, “when businesses and professionals hear words like ‘data’, ‘analytics’, and ‘loyalty programs’ their eyes tend to glaze over. Then again, there is nothing sexier about a hyper-loyal customer, and how they spread the good will of a brand.” Data is being witlessly generated…

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