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Amazon + Whole Foods = Retail Whammo!

Amazon + Whole Foods = Retail Whammo! Today we can’t avoid Amazon constantly being in our field of vision. I’ve written about all the ways Amazon innovates, all the arenas they play in, all the ways they disrupt…. but with their acquisition of Whole Foods, this is Retail Armageddon. As the outspoken Gary Vaynerchuk puts…

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4 Unifying Principles could have saved Kodak

4 Unifying Principles could have saved Kodak. Just finished a great book entitled Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It, and there it was again – the story of Kodak and how they failed to stand by their unifying principles. It still boggles my mind today that a company that dominated our lexicon, was…

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Amazon A-GO-GO (What else can Amazon disrupt?)

Amazon A-GO-GO. What else can Amazon disrupt? It wasn’t enough that they figured out the world of grab and go, no strings attached, making it super convenient for – you guessed it – consumers. And, it wasn’t enough that they delivered the first products by drone (oh yes, you’ll love this feature when it’s -8…

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Disruption is no longer disruptive — it’s normal

Disruption is no longer disruptive — it’s normal. Disruptors are unencumbered by traditional ways of doing business, “legacy issues,” technology, and cultures. They are open to new ways of thinking about experience, delighting customers, leveraging sophisticated technologies, and just doing business. And, consumers are clamouring to adopt behaviours that were once unimaginable, with their frenetic,…

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