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Amazon Key provides package delivery access INSIDE your front door

Amazon Key provides package delivery access INSIDE your front door. Yes, you heard that correctly. When I talk to people about this new Amazon innovation – that tackles the last mile of the delivery dilemma – they are wildly polarized. “Not at home? Not a problem,” says Amazon. “As a Prime member, get your Amazon packages…

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The Bank of Starbucks

The Bank of Starbucks. Ok, so I have to come clean right off the bat – I’m addicted to the Starbucks app. I love its ease. I love the pay directly from my phone thing and not dealing with actual money – note to brands – most people do! And… I love how instantaneous the…

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The Future of Brands is Experience

The Future of Brands is Experience. Close your eyes for a moment and think about a time when you had a truly great brand experience – an experience that engaged you, that moved you, sent those little tingles up your spine, captured your heart and mind… and made you want to share it. Now think……

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The Seductiveness of Data

The Seductiveness of Data. As my good friend and author Mitch Joel says, “when businesses and professionals hear words like ‘data’, ‘analytics’, and ‘loyalty programs’ their eyes tend to glaze over. Then again, there is nothing sexier about a hyper-loyal customer, and how they spread the good will of a brand.” Data is being witlessly generated…

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