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Crunch. The Big Big Big Apple.

It’s not like Apple didn’t break new ground with its ATT #privacy release – in concert, they are shaking up the technology industry in another B I G way with a $430B investment and 20,000 jobs. “At this moment of recovery and rebuilding, Apple is doubling down on our commitment to U.S. innovation and manufacturing with a generational investment…

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Advertising without Cookies?!

Ah, yes the #cookie. Marketers and advertisers have come to love and rely on the cookie. But as we have seen with Google and Apple – #privacy comes first (I truly think Tim Cook is trying to put the world in a better place). We should own our data and decide who sees and uses it and for what purpose. Only then…

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Facebook Smart Watch

Would you buy one?! – Facebook is building a #smartwatch it hopes to start selling next year, according to people with direct knowledge of the device. The watch will let wearers send messages using Facebook’s services and also offer health and fitness features, according to four of those people. Facebook’s planned foray into smartwatches would inch the company further…

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Apple vs. FBI – a backdoor into Pandora’s box

Apple vs. FBI – a backdoor into Pandora’s box. A polarizing legal debate is engulfing the U.S. and beyond and has everyone talking privacy. Should Apple be forced to help the FBI unlock an encrypted iPhone belonging to a terrorist? The arguments are straightforward enough, but the ramifications and precedent they could set, undermine the…

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