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The Bank of Starbucks

The Bank of Starbucks. Ok, so I have to come clean right off the bat – I’m addicted to the Starbucks app. I love its ease. I love the pay directly from my phone thing and not dealing with actual money – note to brands – most people do! And… I love how instantaneous the…

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. I was listening to a great SXSW interview last week given by Kevin Plank, Founder & CEO of Under Armour. He recalled crying at a tollbooth some 10 years ago trying to explain to the toll attendant that he simply didn’t have the small sum of $2 needed to pay…

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Luxury inking – the love affair of lifestyle brands and print

Luxury inking – the love affair of lifestyle brands and print. If I’ve said it once, I said it a thousand times – as technology has morphed, changed and transformed the world – the lines have blurred between what is considered traditional and digital marketing. Today, brands rely on creating experiences, storytelling and emotional engagement…

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Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015

Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on human history and the Law of Accelerating Returns – a theory put forward by futurist Ray Kurzweil. Here’s how it goes… let’s imagine for a second playing Back to the Future – for real – and taking a time machine…

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