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Jack steps down at Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down as chief of the social media company, effective immediately. Parag Agrawal, the company’s chief technology officer, will take over the helm. Shares of both Twitter and Square were up with the news. Scott Galloway has been calling for this one for a while – there you go Scott! #wakeupimagine|linkedin&par=sharebar

Twitter buys Scroll to power Subscription.

Twitter is teasing a future without paywalls and their plans for a subscription service are slowly coming into focus. Now, it’s acquired Scroll, a #startup that partners with publishers to allow readers to view their content #adfree. Seems your advice is coming to bear Scott Galloway!! #wakeupimagine#socialmedia#subscriptions via Engadget

Brands on Clubhouse

Or Brands oo any social media for that matter – it’s the consistent shiny spoon syndrome, when something is so new and fresh, #brands seemingly have no idea what to look for when it comes to Clubhouse they just know it’s a significant avenue that they should capitalize on. Clubhouse has been all the rage of late which evokes…

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The iPhone is 10 and ooh how it has changed our lives

The iPhone is 10 and ooh how it has changed our lives. June 29, 2007 – Steve Jobs walked on stage and shocked the world. Like most things Apple, the iPhone wasn’t the first of its kind, but it was a quantum leap beyond the competition and spawned the mobile revolution. So much so, that few…

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United – Broken Noses do NOT equal Great Customer Service

Hey, United – Broken Noses do NOT equal Great Customer Service. Common sense and customer service were anything but apparent in the United Airlines scandal of recent weeks. Layers upon layers of the “wrong things to do” surfaced in response to the incident after United Airlines forcibly removed a passenger from an overbooked flight and…

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Is every day Valentine’s Day for a brand?

Is every day Valentine’s Day for a brand? Coming out of Valentine’s last week, it got me thinking… how tough it is to be a brand these days, with the relentless struggle to connect with and be loved by your public. Social Media has taken what used to be a one-way dialogue (with the brand…

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Top 3 Most Influential Brands are different for Gen Z

Top 3 Most Influential Brands are different for Gen Z. This past week at FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week, Steve Levy (COO at Ipsos), revealed its rankings for Canada’s Most Influential Brands. Not surprisingly, Google topped the list for the fifth year in a row, but what may surprise you is that Gen Z (the…

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Fake News – “Truthiness” Hurts Us All

Fake News – “Truthiness” Hurts Us All. The term “truthiness” was made wildly popular by late-night TV personality Stephen Colbert. He used it to describe “politicians’ and pundits’ preference for concepts they wish were true over ones that actually are true.” To make matters worse, truthiness has been put into practice – in the run-up…

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Why Social Platforms are shedding the Social Label

Why Social Platforms are shedding the Social Label. It seems these days that Social Media companies are pivoting on their identities. They are shedding their “social network” handles and rapidly diversifying in parallel. There was a point in our near recent past that everyone was a “social specialist,” with agencies and niche experts manifesting in…

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Please don’t use the term “Olympics”

Please don’t use the term “Olympics.” Ok, so we are obviously in supersaturated Olympic mode, and everybody is not only feeling the fervor but also trying to capitalize on the zeitgeist that surrounds the games. This year, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) came out with a whole bunch of very outdated rules, laws and guidelines…

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