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Does your S P I N A C H email?

Crazy Cool – through #nanotechnology, engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have transformed spinach into sensors capable of detecting pollution. In contact with specific chemicals, the plant emits a signal which is read by an infrared camera, sending an email alert to the scientists. Yes, you read that right the spinach emails – think early warning system –…

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X U P E R M A S K – x Honeywell‘s superhero-inspired mask has air filters, earbuds, and LED lights! The Black Eyed Peas iconic lead man is back with another wild gadget — though this one might be his most aptly timed yet. Dubbed “Xupermask,” it combines personal protective equipment #PPE elements with high-tech audio to create a device that, according to, has been designed to…

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P I L L C A M and the Fantastic Voyage

P I L L C A M – for decades, sci-fi writers have fantasized about taking a “fantastic voyage” inside the human body. The story usually involves a maverick scientist getting miniaturized, popped into a syringe, and then, next thing you know, he or she is slaloming around inside a live person. Sounds outrageous, right?…

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W E W O R K the (so must see) Documentary

W E W O R K the Documentary – launching April 2 on Hulu – you know this is a crazy MUST watch as they beam the pure unadulterated WeWork cult of #AdamNeumann to your screen. And of course, always the shrinking violet, Scott Galloway giving his best “Are you kidding me!” take on the whole shebang. #wakeupimagine #startups SoftBank #funding #SXSWFilmFestival SXSW #wework

You’re not a B O T. Don’t date like one.

Great #creative – a friendly reminder from Jose Cuervo to keep your dating interesting. You’re not a bot. Don’t date like one. Most of us have had our fair share of bad dates. They offer us good stories to tell … but they are nothing compared to what you could easily consider the saddest date in human history: between…

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C O V I D Risk and being Self-Deprecating

Love this! – With the maleficient maelstrom of madness, we’ve all been through to vaccines dancing on the horizon, I think it’s our ability to laugh, imagine, and be self-deprecating that’s buoyed us. #wakeupimagine #marketoon #covid19

Imagining the Future No.6

“Life in 2022” painted by Walter Molino in 1962. This personal bubble transport is a little bit TOO on the mark with the #covid19 pandemic. #wakeupimagine #future #transportation #healthtech

WeWork plays S P A C with Shaquille O’Neal

WeWork is going public via a #SPAC. It will do so in a merger with BowX Acquisition, a SPAC backed by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. According to CNBC, the deal will value the coworking startup at $9B, including debt. This is a slight haircut from its $47B valuation in fall 2019 when charismatic founder Adam Neumann was burning billions…

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Imagining the Future No.5

1970s Vision of #airtravel in the #Future. Looks like they were taking a page out of today’s cruise industry. Any thoughts Richard Branson? #wakeupimagine #futureseries #airlines

Imagining the Future No.1

No.1 – An artist’s depiction of the #future, painted in 1930. Cool rig for 1930 – kinda Apple meets Beats by Dr. Dre. #wakeupimagine #futureseries #innovation #smartphones

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