John Ruffolo, Inspiration, and Maverix

John Ruffolo is back and with Managing Partner Mark Maybank they have opened a new company aptly named Maverix Private Equity – run by entrepreneurs, funded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The supporting cast of which is nothing but remarkable – John refers to them as “Team Canada” – with advisors > Jim Balsillie, John Bitove, Arlene DickinsonPeter Gilgan, Dani Reiss, C.M. et al married with an A-Team of veteran solution thinkers steering the ship > Dr. Chitra AnandLayth AshooDr. Eric HoskinsJohn MavriyannakisNagar Rahmani, Vivian O’Leary, and others. In a world of perpetual change, Maverix lives at the growth intersection of chaos and opportunity (with the signpost buttressed by fun). #wakeupimagine #MaverixPE #WeAreMaverix

Posted on March 26, 2021 in Innovation, Leadership, Technology, Trends

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Michael Chase - a true hybrid – part strategist, part data monkey, part creative director, part global growth hacker (when you're doing bic pen tracheotomies you still have to think of EBITDA) and through and through an innovator.

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