Macy’s retail media network aspirations.

Macy’s solution for the retail apocalypse? S E L L I N G A D S – The often-predicted retail apocalypse certainly seemed to get more likely for many large retailers over the past year. Macy’s alone shuttered 45 stores in 2021 and needed a $4.5B loan to escape bankruptcy. Yet it is one of the retailers that is turning to online advertising as a potential new source of significant revenue. Macy’s ad network is pulling in “tens of millions of dollars” from brands such as Harry’s, Estée Lauder, and Ralph Lauren eager to leverage Macy’s store network and online properties. The initiative is one that several other retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS, Lowe’s, and Albertsons are also trying. If it works, this may not only offer a much-needed new infusion of revenue into these brands but also create a valuable new alternative for brands to spend some of their online advertising budgets instead of pushing it entirely to platforms like Facebook and Google. #wakeupimagine #retail #network #retailmedianetwork #media #firstpartydata #zeropartydata

Posted on December 8, 2021 in Innovation, Intelligent Automation, Marketing, Retail, Technology, Trends

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