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Peepsi – Pepsi x Peeps

There’s a super sweet sheriff in town as PepsiCo and Peeps have teamed up for Easter with a gimmicky marshmallow flavored version of Pepsi. Feed this one to your kids as they WFH! The eye-catching #packaging shouts grab me, but the real catch: you can’t have it. That is unless you enter to win it by taking a picture…

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Imagining the Future No.2

1940s Vision of #fooddelivery in the #Future. Still surprised someone has created anything this elegant. #wakeupimagine #futureseries #retail

Imagining the Future No.1

No.1 – An artist’s depiction of the #future, painted in 1930. Cool rig for 1930 – kinda Apple meets Beats by Dr. Dre. #wakeupimagine #futureseries #innovation #smartphones

The Artificial Nose Knows

Check out the video of this Easter Island looking #innovation by Benjamin Cabé identifies smells with #machinelearning and has been trained to accurately recognize hundreds of smells. Think of all the incredible use cases for this – cooking assistant, dangerous gas alerts, perfume development, wine connoisseur, coffee aficiando 😉 #wakeupimagine#artificialintelligence#trends Read more here:

John Ruffolo, Inspiration, and Maverix

John Ruffolo is back and with Managing Partner Mark Maybank they have opened a new company aptly named Maverix Private Equity – run by entrepreneurs, funded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The supporting cast of which is nothing but remarkable – John refers to them as “Team Canada” – with advisors > Jim Balsillie, John Bitove, Arlene Dickinson, Peter Gilgan, Dani Reiss, C.M.…

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Snap, the Selfie Budget, and a Gen Z Army

Yes, you read S E L F I E B U D G E T correctly – Snap Inc.’s latest story: an #ecommerce push to monetize its users through the acquisition of Berlin-based retail tech startup Fit Analytics. Per research firm Piper Sandler, the “Selfie Budget” (which includes clothing, fashion accessories, personal care, and shoes) made up 40% of US…

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Healthcare + AI : a Burgeoning World

H E A L T H C A R E + A I – #AI investments will shift over the next two years to prioritize telemedicine (38%), robotic tasks such as process automation (37%) and delivery of patient care (36%) with clinical trials and diagnosis rounding out the top five investment areas according to a new survey…

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Love this! – Bumble, the newest dating IPO tech darling ($BMBL) has been getting a lot of “buzz” lately. Great copywriting that ties so nicely back to the #brand name. You can literally hear the music in your head. Well done Whitney Wolfe Herd ! #wakeupimagine #designthinking #brandgrowth

Hello, I’m a MAC

Justin Long, the actor who famously posed as Apple‘s computer, is now pitching his former opponent the PC in a new series of ads from Intel Corporation. Interesting turn of events as last fall, Apple brought back John Hodgman to reprise his famous role as a bumbling PC (sans Justin Long) during its “One More Thing” event…

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Amazon adds Healthcare to the Flywheel

Amazon C A R E – is there any aspect of life that Amazon isn’t now trying to serve. The company ticked the #healthcare box on Wednesday by unveiling #AmazonCare, an on-demand health care business, designed as a service that companies can offer their employees. Amazon’s description of the service makes it sound like a much-needed addition to the healthcare…

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