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Shake it baby. The Streaming Shuffle is afoot.

The Walt Disney Company and #Disney+ are certainly shaking up the landscape with C R A Z Y growth. That said it’s not like Netflix is not holding its own (even with earnings showing “slowed” global growth) as the move to #cablecutting is accelerating and the big legacy TV players have all been shifting towards streaming vehicles of their own. I…

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Wasted Digital Ad Spend. Where’s your money going?

As the famous quote from 19th-century retailer, John Wanamaker goes: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Last year PwC investigated where the money goes in #digitaladvertising and found a single #programmaticadvertising placement can involve 20 different players, each taking a cut. PwC found that a whopping half (49%) of digital #adspend is…

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Edit. The Dove Reverse Selfie.

DOVE, Inc. reverses #selfie edits to highlight the dangers of #socialmedia. In a time before digital, glossy photoshopped ads in women’s mags were condemned for their part in generating a dangerously idealized definition of beauty. Dove highlighted this epidemic with their brilliant 2006 Dove ‘Evolution’ video. BUT … today young girls face the same problem. Claiming that by the…

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QR Code Drones fill the Shanghai Sky.

Ok, this is a whole new spin – China has been one of the quickest to adapt to using drones to light up the sky with shows competing for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. But no one has used them to create QR codes for Product Downloads! Yes, #qrcodes (hey Scott Stratten didn’t you write a book…

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Advertising without Cookies?!

Ah, yes the #cookie. Marketers and advertisers have come to love and rely on the cookie. But as we have seen with Google and Apple – #privacy comes first (I truly think Tim Cook is trying to put the world in a better place). We should own our data and decide who sees and uses it and for what purpose. Only then…

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Dom Perignon + Lady Gaga = The Queendom

Lada Gaga is back in the #luxury realm (remember Tiffany & Co. x Gaga). Dom Perignon and #LadyGaga have created the #Queendom with Nick Knight whose trippy visuals of crystal castles that morph into catwalks and an endless party blend perfectly into Lady Gaga’s music and zeitgeist. Let the expensive pink bubbles flow. #wakeupimagine #DomPérignonxLadyGaga #creativity #luxurybrands

Satan is back. And… landed his Dream Job.

Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak! Yes, Ryan Reynolds and Maximum Effort have Satan back in action post his love-finding escapades. He’s now the ideas guy at Big Wireless – more fulfilling and even more rewarding than gathering souls for the underworld. Who’s he up against?…

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Xupermask = x Honeywell‘s superhero-inspired mask has air filters, earbuds, and LED lights! The Black Eyed Peas iconic lead man is back with another wild gadget — though this one might be his most aptly timed yet. Dubbed “Xupermask,” it combines personal protective equipment #PPE elements with high-tech audio to create a device that, according to, has been designed to…

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Visa goes big into Crypto

Yes, the tide is shifting and Visa moving with it. Reuters, announced that the payments giant will roll out a pilot program with #crypto platform already offers its users a Visa card. However, any payments used by the cryptocurrency card have to be converted to fiat, which adds costs and complexities for merchants. Here’s the new process:> A Visa…

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You’re not a BOT. Don’t date like one.

Great #creative – a friendly reminder from Jose Cuervo to keep your dating interesting. You’re not a bot. Don’t date like one. Most of us have had our fair share of bad dates. They offer us good stories to tell … but they are nothing compared to what you could easily consider the saddest date in human history: between…

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