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Amazon Fresh

Check it out – The first Amazon Fresh #grocery store opened a few weeks ago in #California and it leverages the latest #technologies: 👉 Smart cart: able to scan any item you put in it, and generate your bill at any time👉 Live Amazon reviews are displayed for each product on the shelves👉 Cashierless: automatically debits your Amazon account when you leave…

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Playing it Safe

#marketoon – it’s definitely a tricky time for brands and the marketers who look to raise said brands to a conversation that matters. Playing it safe always tends to land you in the world of MEH, and nobody likes meh. Sure social media is a landmine-filled quagmire, but if you’re challenging the status quo, breaking into…

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With GameStop Robinhood broke the biggest rule of #branding. By stopping trading on GameStop, the company completely ditched its stated mission of democratizing stock investing. This is not how the stealing from the rich and giving to the poor story plays out. Not saying Robinhood was one of the best things for the individual investor as NYU prof Scott Galloway made…

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Big Tech Cat on the Loose

Love this! – amazing 3D effect for this #OOH Chinese digital billboard. Great experiential effect on the environment (and people). They seem to continually build incredible content on this board! #imagine #creativitymatters

We’re Going Agile

No better way to kick off 2021 than with a #marketoon by Tom Fishburne that sums up the place where many minds find themselves today and 20 years post the Agile Manifesto. #imagine

Pantone 2021

Just so you know how to colour next year – Pantone has tried to reflect the depressing past year and hope for 2021. The newly announced Colours for 2021 –– “Ultimate Gray,” and “Illuminating” (“a bright and cheerful yellow”) #imagine #creativity

LEGO – I Think To Myself

Love this! – the LEGO Group nails it again with an imaginative, magical holiday spot that hits on all fronts. I’m still singing … #imagine

What makes an Ad Iconic?

Great read from Ad Age on how narratives and emotions play a role in making classic spots like ‘1984’ and ‘Daisy’ linger longer in the cultural consciousness. #imagination #creativity

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon is in the drug business – Amazon is making its biggest move yet into the pharmacy space. Amazon Pharmacy is designed to make it easy and convenient to order prescription medicines online.There’s also a savings program and free two-day shipping for #Prime Members. #ecommerce#healthtech#amazon#medicine#perscriptions#innovation#pharmacy|linkedin&par=sharebar

Ryan Reynolds + Rob McElhenny x Wrexham

And now for something completely different – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have purchased Wrexham AFC (yes, you have never heard of the team). This will be where we see the true effect of #marketing as Reynolds is known for his brilliant ironic, sarcastic spots – think Aviator Gin, Mint Mobile, Deadpool et al. And this spot “kicks it off”…

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