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Want to share a ride?

Want to share a ride? Ok. We all know how convenient it is to engage the little Uber app on our phones and have our personal ride show up wherever we are, whenever we want, on demand. But the ride-sharing wars have now escalated to a whole new level, as global automotive players are hopping…

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Chatbots – friendly or frightening?

Chatbots – friendly or frightening? This week we’re looking at Chatbots or Bots (for those who like to fling around in-the-know jargon). As we reviewed in last week’s Mashup, chatbots are artificially intelligent algorithms that are designed to interact with humans in a human-like way – answering questions, performing tasks… I’ve recently been exploring a…

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Don’t forget that Marketing is Human2Human

Don’t forget that Marketing is Human2Human. I say this whenever I deliver a keynote: “We have to remember that no matter what type of marketing or engagement we are endeavouring to undertake, we need to be mindful of the fact that we are humans talking to humans.” As humans, we feel. We have reactions to…

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Call me a Collabratist

Call me a Collabratist. I truly believe in the fact that we don’t do it alone. The best work that I have ever done was created in collaboration with a team. And there is one thing that I’ve learned – as the market has dramatically shifted before our very eyes, it’s my job in many…

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Now Trending – Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight

Now Trending – Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight. I was just in Halifax delivering our Print in a Digital World Trend Report to a very engaged audience of Canada Post partners, agencies and marketers. One of the questions I’m continually asked after delivering our report is… How do I make sense of the shifting world, amass…

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