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International Women’s Day x Nike

Watch this video as Nike always pulls off powerful. Happy International Women’s Day! #wakeupimagine #IWD2021 #ChoosetoChallenge

Walmart – Cars

Love this!!! – Ok, coming out of #Halloween weekend, I just had to share this creative #retail gem from Walmart. It makes me smile from ear to ear every time I watch it. Part nostalgia, part whimsy, and all #imagination. It’s ok to play it a few times 😉

Einstein AI

Developed by my friend David Usher and his company Reimagine.AI – Einstein AI is an interactive #artificialintelligence virtual being and part of a series called ‘Talking to History’. Watch as David’s daughter interviews Mr. Einstein – amazing!

$5 Million ways Google makes an Impact

$5 Million ways Google makes an Impact. Google believes technology can make a better world, faster. As we have seen from their many incredible initiatives, innovations, and moonshots, Google puts their money where their mouth is – they truly walk the walk. The Google Impact Challenge travels the world to different regions, asking local nonprofits…

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Westworld – A New Frontier for AI

Westworld – A New Frontier for AI. If you haven’t yet tuned into HBO’s Westworld, it’s an exceedingly addictive, provocative look at the future of artificial intelligence and morality in the same instance. It’s based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie and is set sometime in the undisclosed future, where a couple of pioneering scientist types…

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Call me a Collabratist

Call me a Collabratist. I truly believe in the fact that we don’t do it alone. The best work that I have ever done was created in collaboration with a team. And there is one thing that I’ve learned – as the market has dramatically shifted before our very eyes, it’s my job in many…

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Apple vs. FBI – a backdoor into Pandora’s box

Apple vs. FBI – a backdoor into Pandora’s box. A polarizing legal debate is engulfing the U.S. and beyond and has everyone talking privacy. Should Apple be forced to help the FBI unlock an encrypted iPhone belonging to a terrorist? The arguments are straightforward enough, but the ramifications and precedent they could set, undermine the…

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