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W E W O R K the (so must see) Documentary

W E W O R K the Documentary – launching April 2 on Hulu – you know this is a crazy MUST watch as they beam the pure unadulterated WeWork cult of #AdamNeumann to your screen. And of course, always the shrinking violet, Scott Galloway giving his best “Are you kidding me!” take on the whole shebang. #wakeupimagine #startups SoftBank #funding #SXSWFilmFestival SXSW #wework

You’re not a B O T. Don’t date like one.

Great #creative – a friendly reminder from Jose Cuervo to keep your dating interesting. You’re not a bot. Don’t date like one. Most of us have had our fair share of bad dates. They offer us good stories to tell … but they are nothing compared to what you could easily consider the saddest date in human history: between…

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C O V I D Risk and being Self-Deprecating

Love this! – With the maleficient maelstrom of madness, we’ve all been through to vaccines dancing on the horizon, I think it’s our ability to laugh, imagine, and be self-deprecating that’s buoyed us. #wakeupimagine #marketoon #covid19

Metrics M E T R I C S Everywhere

#marketoon – What do you measure? What do you value? What moves the needle – the right way? It’s true we can measure just about everything these days, but what really matters to your company, your brand, and the people and audiences whom you serve? What’s on your dashboard?! #wakeupimagine #metrics #socialmedia

WeWork plays S P A C with Shaquille O’Neal

WeWork is going public via a #SPAC. It will do so in a merger with BowX Acquisition, a SPAC backed by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. According to CNBC, the deal will value the coworking startup at $9B, including debt. This is a slight haircut from its $47B valuation in fall 2019 when charismatic founder Adam Neumann was burning billions…

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Peepsi – Pepsi x Peeps

There’s a super sweet sheriff in town as PepsiCo and Peeps have teamed up for Easter with a gimmicky marshmallow flavored version of Pepsi. Feed this one to your kids as they WFH! The eye-catching #packaging shouts grab me, but the real catch: you can’t have it. That is unless you enter to win it by taking a picture…

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Snap, the Selfie Budget, and a Gen Z Army

Yes, you read S E L F I E B U D G E T correctly – Snap Inc.’s latest story: an #ecommerce push to monetize its users through the acquisition of Berlin-based retail tech startup Fit Analytics. Per research firm Piper Sandler, the “Selfie Budget” (which includes clothing, fashion accessories, personal care, and shoes) made up 40% of US…

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Love this! – Bumble, the newest dating IPO tech darling ($BMBL) has been getting a lot of “buzz” lately. Great copywriting that ties so nicely back to the #brand name. You can literally hear the music in your head. Well done Whitney Wolfe Herd ! #wakeupimagine #designthinking #brandgrowth

Hello, I’m a MAC

Justin Long, the actor who famously posed as Apple‘s computer, is now pitching his former opponent the PC in a new series of ads from Intel Corporation. Interesting turn of events as last fall, Apple brought back John Hodgman to reprise his famous role as a bumbling PC (sans Justin Long) during its “One More Thing” event…

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Brands on Clubhouse

Or Brands oo any social media for that matter – it’s the consistent shiny spoon syndrome, when something is so new and fresh, #brands seemingly have no idea what to look for when it comes to Clubhouse they just know it’s a significant avenue that they should capitalize on. Clubhouse has been all the rage of late which evokes…

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