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Quera Sera Sera.

This #quantumcomputing startup says it’s ready to take on IBM and Google. Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University scientists and funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), QuEra Computing Inc. has built a 256-qubit quantum computer using its own unique architecture. #wakeupimagine#technology#startup#future

Does your Spinach email?

Crazy Cool – through #nanotechnology, engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have transformed spinach into sensors capable of detecting pollution. In contact with specific chemicals, the plant emits a signal which is read by an infrared camera, sending an email alert to the scientists. Yes, you read that right the spinach emails – think early warning system –…

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Pillcam and the Fantastic Voyage

P I L L C A M – for decades, sci-fi writers have fantasized about taking a “fantastic voyage” inside the human body. The story usually involves a maverick scientist getting miniaturized, popped into a syringe, and then, next thing you know, he or she is slaloming around inside a live person. Sounds outrageous, right?…

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