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Next Generation of Education

As we learn more and more about what kinds of educational platforms will best serve our kids (as they head off to get jobs in a future we cannot quite envision yet), several interesting and innovative platforms are emerging. We know we need to make a radical change in the way we prepare our youth…

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Elon Musk TED Talks his way into a BORING Future

Elon Musk TED Talks his way into a BORING Future. And… that’s ‘boring’ as in drilling, not yawning people. I don’t know how he consistently does it, but good old Elon stole the recent TED 2017 event in Vancouver this year, yet again, even garnering more interest than the Pope’s TED Talk (if you can…

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Connectography = connectivity + geography

Connectography = connectivity + geography. Global strategist Parag Khanna begins his buoyant and hopeful Ted Talk with, “I want you to reimagine how life is organized on earth.” In his new book Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, he makes the case that, “the arc of global history is undeniably bending towards integration.” Khanna…

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