The Metaverse keeps staking new ground.

AppleMicrosoftGoogle, and Facebook reported earnings this past week and they’re all making lots of money. And they have another thing in common … all have a stake in something called the “metaverse.”

If you’re a sci-fi junky like me you first read about it in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and then got further dazzled by Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (which Spielberg made into a movie) and his lastest Ready Player Two (which takes Elon Musk’s Neurolink to its inevitable conclusion).

But this new brave world can NOT be the dominion of just one or a handful of companies – which the dystopian books all paint a bleak picture of. It must be for all – what the internet was truly meant to be!! #wakeupimagione#metaverse#NealStephenson#ErnestCline#ReadyPlayerOne#NFTs#NFT

Posted on September 23, 2021 in Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Innovation, NFT, Social Media, Technology, Trends

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