UiPath. When unknown IPOs crack $38B Market Caps.

Yes, a company you’ve probably never heard of made #IPO history this week. UiPath, an automation company that helps businesses automate repetitive tasks (think data entry, filling out forms, etc via AI-fueled #computervision), made its market debut and notched the 3rd largest US #software IPO in history, behind only Snowflake (No. 1) and Qualtrics (No. 2). By market’s close on Wednesday, the company’s market cap had settled at a hefty $35.8B. And with $580M in annual revenue (+65% YoY), margins of 89% (highest in software), and 7,968 customers (+32% YoY) this is a SERIOUS business. #wakeupimagine #AI #ML #automation #futureofwork #artificialintelligence #capitalmarkets


Posted on April 28, 2021 in Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Intelligent Automation, Technology, Trends

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