Advertising without Cookies?!

Ah, yes the #cookie. Marketers and advertisers have come to love and rely on the cookie. But as we have seen with Google and Apple – #privacy comes first (I truly think Tim Cook is trying to put the world in a better place). We should own our data and decide who sees and uses it and for what purpose. Only then can we show intent. And intent will be the next wave of the internet. But this will not be the lazy brands’ internet, as better content, better engagement, better tools, better #data models (like #zeropartydata) takes time, effort, and money – and most of all #innovation and #creativity. So let’s get innovative and build a better internet. One we can all be proud of! #wakeupimagine #nextgeneration #contentmarketing #marketoon

Posted on April 21, 2021 in Innovation, Marketing, Technology, Trends

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Michael Chase - a true hybrid – part strategist, part data monkey, part creative director, part global growth hacker (when you're doing bic pen tracheotomies you still have to think of EBITDA) and through and through an innovator.

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