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Virgin Hyperloop

Video – this would make your morning commute a little faster! – if we were doing morning commutes ūüôĀ¬†Richard Branson‘s¬†Virgin Hyperloop¬†just carried test passengers for the first time. Very cool.¬†#imagine¬†#innovation¬†Virgin

NY to London for a little business and high tea?

NY to London for a little business and high tea? I had no concept that commercial airlines fly no faster today than they did in the 1950s. Given the huge advancements and technological leaps in every other arena, plus the quantum jumps in aerospace (isn‚Äôt Elon Musk planning a Mars shot?!), why are we not…

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Want to share a ride?

Want to share a ride? Ok. We all know how convenient it is to engage the little Uber app on our phones and have our personal ride show up wherever we are, whenever we want, on demand. But the ride-sharing wars have now escalated to a whole new level, as global automotive players are hopping…

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