Zero Party Data is here to stay.

As consumers, we all now expect personalized experiences. Yet we also grate at attempts by marketers to collect personal data about them to deliver these personalized experiences. That’s a paradox that marketers increasingly have to navigate. AND … there’s a fine line between cool and creepy, between personalization and stalking – we’ve all felt it!

One Deloitte study reported that more than two-thirds of people stated that third-party data about them was only 0 to 50 percent correct (less accurate than a coin toss).

Enter Zero Party Data – “Zero party data is that which a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. It can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize them.” – Forrester

#Zeropartydata is transparent, contextually appropriate, and offers a fair value exchange. A consumer “intentionally” and “proactively” shares what she’s interested in with a brand and the personalized experience is directly based on what they share.

A hybrid approach is always the best model – just remember how you leave customers feeling when you track, scrape and grab their data and then make assumptions based on it. #wakeupimagine#marketing#marketoon#data

Posted on September 23, 2021 in Marketing, Technology, Trends

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