Hacking the Human Genome

Hacking the Human Genome. Some of the world’s top scientists gathered this week to consider technology that might alter the course of humankind. Overlooked against that little Climate Change Summit across the Atlantic, The International Summit on Human Gene Editing was held in Washington to tackle questions related to the science and ethics of tinkering…

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Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015

Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on human history and the Law of Accelerating Returns – a theory put forward by futurist Ray Kurzweil. Here’s how it goes… let’s imagine for a second playing Back to the Future – for real – and taking a time machine…

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Disruption is no longer disruptive — it’s normal

Disruption is no longer disruptive — it’s normal. Disruptors are unencumbered by traditional ways of doing business, “legacy issues,” technology, and cultures. They are open to new ways of thinking about experience, delighting customers, leveraging sophisticated technologies, and just doing business. And, consumers are clamouring to adopt behaviours that were once unimaginable, with their frenetic,…

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