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Supreme Sale

Can a cult brand survive going corporate? Supreme, a streetwear company, is so popular that fans wait hours in line to buy its gear, like T-shirts stamped with Kate Moss’s face or branded bricks (for show, not construction – see in Comments below). The company deliberately restricts the supply of its products, creating hot resale markets.…

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Virgin Hyperloop

Video – this would make your morning commute a little faster! – if we were doing morning commutes 🙁 Richard Branson‘s Virgin Hyperloop just carried test passengers for the first time. Very cool. #imagine #innovation Virgin


M c P L A N T – really? – I get the vibe, but is there a minimum viable audience for this offering … one that is actually going to McD’s? Guess we’ll watch this one…

Apple Silicon

“We’ve been making Apple Silicon for more than a decade. It’s at the heart of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch – and now we want to bring it to the Mac, so the Mac can take a huge leap forward with the incredible performance, custom technologies and industry-leading power efficiency of Apple Silicon” – Tim Cook #innovation #imagine

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Report

Fascinating read – 2020 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Report from Wevolver – this guide to understanding the state of the art in hardware & software for #selfdrivingvehicles #innovation#technology#imagination#imagine#ai#artificialintelligence#autonomousvehicles

Seth x Tim

absolutely brilliant #podcast – Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss on The Game of Life, The Value of Hacks, and Overcoming Anxiety (#476). Plug-in, take a walk in the sun, and soak it up! Seth’s newest book: The Practice: Shipping Creative Work

Art of the Streets

Love This! – video – capturing the lost and incredible global artwork of the streets. My ink and cleaning kit are at the ready 😉 #creativity #imagine #printingpress


Lead nurturing isn’t a numbers game – #marketoon. Oh, you know you all loath this. Just because you can automate things, doesn’t mean you ignore its effect. Do it right. #human2human

Woking Smart vs Working Hard

Thought this was a great video to kick-off a Monday. Even if it is a little C R A Z Y to boot.

25 Largest Private Equity Firms

Here are all the big players in one chart. I’d say there’s room for a few more #Canadian firms on this map.

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