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Lead nurturing isn’t a numbers game – #marketoon. Oh, you know you all loath this. Just because you can automate things, doesn’t mean you ignore its effect. Do it right. #human2human

Don’t forget that Marketing is Human2Human

Don’t forget that Marketing is Human2Human. I say this whenever I deliver a keynote: “We have to remember that no matter what type of marketing or engagement we are endeavouring to undertake, we need to be mindful of the fact that we are humans talking to humans.” As humans, we feel. We have reactions to…

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IoT – How connected will we be?

IoT – How connected will we be? Ok, let’s say you had a wee bit of a binge eating weekend, and to compensate, you’ve been using your wearable fitness app to track your steps and calories, along with your connected bathroom scale. When you go to open your smart fridge for an innocent midday snack,…

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