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Dom Perignon + Lady Gaga = The Queendom

Lada Gaga is back in the #luxury realm (remember Tiffany & Co. x Gaga). Dom Perignon and #LadyGaga have created the #Queendom with Nick Knight whose trippy visuals of crystal castles that morph into catwalks and an endless party blend perfectly into Lady Gaga’s music and zeitgeist. Let the expensive pink bubbles flow. #wakeupimagine #DomPérignonxLadyGaga #creativity #luxurybrands

Airbnb says Travel is Coming Back

In its first earnings report as a publicly-traded company, Airbnb beat its revenue estimates and delivered a hopeful forecast for the coronavirus-battered travel industry, expressing optimism that people’s appetite for new destinations will grow this year as vaccines begin to finally make a dent in the pandemic. “Travel is coming back and we are laser-focused on preparing…

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Tesla Tequila

Yes, you read that correctly – And … it is SOLD OUT! But then could you expect anything less from Elon Musk. #imagine

Hey Siri, Am I Ready for 2018?

Hey Siri, Am I Ready for 2018? Ah, the smell of 2018 in the morning. But what will it bring? How will 2018 change the way we do business? If it’s anyway as transformational as 2017, can I be prepared? All valid questions as 2017 has cut swaths out of many and built new-fangled superhighways for…

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2018 will bring some BIG trends to reality.

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again, as 2017 starts to wind down, we begin gazing longingly at 2018 and making educated guesses about where things will go next year. So time to don my futurist hat and spin out some thoughts on what the next year may have in store for us. After…

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How do you Netflix – a shocking new habit revealed

How do you Netflix – a shocking new habit revealed. The ubiquitous red logo video streaming giant added the term “binge-watching” to our lexicon – pioneering a new way to consume TV. And Netflix has just revealed a shocking new related habit – apparently, we’ll watch movies and TV practically anywhere, and about 67% of us…

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Hello, Print in a Digital World 2018

Hello, Print in a Digital World 2018. Last week we launched our latest greatest trend report at Canada Post’s 10th annual Think INSIDE the Box event. In constructing our recent trend report, we quickly came to realize a new reality has now taken hold – the way consumers engage with brands has dramatically morphed. They can…

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Buckle up and Welcome to 2017!

Buckle up and Welcome to 2017! Yes, 2016 was a pretty wild ride and an incredible year for technology. I’m quite frankly blown away by the palpable feeling of exponential change. We are truly living in a hyper-connected world that is enabling quantum leaps – in 2010 1.8 billion people were connected, and today the…

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Print in a Digital World 2017 Trend Report

Print in a Digital World 2017 Trend Report. The way consumers engage with brands has dramatically morphed. They can access products and product information instantaneously, and they can intermingle with a brand in a cacophony of ways. You have to be a storyteller in this connected world and understand how to merge marketing, content, and technology…

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The Internet is in its Infancy

The Internet is in its Infancy. In the late 60s the U.S. military began tinkering with “interwoven” networks creating ARPANET, which was the antecedent for today’s internet and served as the base of academic and military computer networks in the 80s. The world wide web as we know it came into its beginnings back in…

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