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EPIC building OASIS from Ready Player One!

If you saw the 2018 movie Ready Player One, you may remember the Oasis: a glitzy, fast-paced #metaverse with gleaming cities, beautiful people (or, avatars, to be precise), and excitement of many varieties; in short, the perfect escape from the drudgery of real life. Epic Games has just raised $1B to start on its quest to build its…

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The Artificial Nose Knows

Check out the video of this Easter Island looking #innovation by Benjamin Cabé identifies smells with #machinelearning and has been trained to accurately recognize hundreds of smells. Think of all the incredible use cases for this – cooking assistant, dangerous gas alerts, perfume development, wine connoisseur, coffee aficiando 😉 #wakeupimagine#artificialintelligence#trends Read more here:

Stripe – Silicon Valley’s Most Precious Gem

Stripe just became Silicon Valley’s most precious gem and clearly, Patrick and John Collison have the luck of the Irish as their digital payments brainchild has reportedly raised $600m at a $95B valuation, making it the most valuable private company ever to come out of Silicon Valley. (apparently, they don’t even need the money) Here’s why:…

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Microsoft Mesh

For years, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group co-founder Guy Laliberté received countless proposals for #virtualreality technologies, but they couldn’t match the magic of his intensely visual and mesmerizing live performances. Now, with a new platform provided by Microsoft, he’s rethinking that. On Tuesday, he appeared at Microsoft’s Ignite digital conference via #holoportation, which uses 3D capture technology to beam a lifelike…

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Data is the New Oil

Data is the New Oil. It isn’t surprising that we are awash with data. What is shocking is the volume of data, as the “global datasphere” is expected to balloon to 44 zettabytes (that’s one trillion gigabytes!) by 2020, and 163 zettabytes by 2025, which marks a tenfold increase over what was created in 2016 (according…

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Science Fiction is the Key to Unlocking our World

Science fiction is the key to unlocking our world. If you want to figure out your next business move, leap into the pages of some science fiction my friends. “Why Business Leaders need to read more Science Fiction,” headlines an article in the Harvard Business Review, and there are many more that echo this approach to understanding…

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Can Mega-Philanthropy at the hands of Tech Giants make the world a better place?

Can Mega-Philanthropy at the hands of Tech Giants make the world a better place? You hear the promises of a utopic future with a colossal roar. The prevalent players in the tech industry say they want to change the world for the better, and they are not shy about making big claims and promises. Amazon’s Jeff…

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Forget dancing flowered garlands – Google Lens is AR with real utility

Forget dancing flowered garlands – Google Lens is AR with real utility. Right now AR (Augmented Reality) is having a moment, and it’s moving beyond rainbow vomit, puppy dog-ears and flowered garlands dancing around your head. Announced last week at Google’s I/O developer conference, Google’s new ‘Lens’ technology lets you employ the power of search utilizing…

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Top 3 Most Influential Brands are different for Gen Z

Top 3 Most Influential Brands are different for Gen Z. This past week at FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week, Steve Levy (COO at Ipsos), revealed its rankings for Canada’s Most Influential Brands. Not surprisingly, Google topped the list for the fifth year in a row, but what may surprise you is that Gen Z (the…

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