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Brands gone wild. The NFT bandwagon.

A couple of months after #NFTs caught the public imagination with the $69 million #Beeple Christy’s auction, it has been fascinating to see how brands have scrambled to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Everyone is talking about NFTs but very few people understand them. Luxury #brands are minting virtual sneakers, QSR brands are out minting pixelated pizza and taco GIFs, and even…

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Dom Perignon + Lady Gaga = The Queendom

Lada Gaga is back in the #luxury realm (remember Tiffany & Co. x Gaga). Dom Perignon and #LadyGaga have created the #Queendom with Nick Knight whose trippy visuals of crystal castles that morph into catwalks and an endless party blend perfectly into Lady Gaga’s music and zeitgeist. Let the expensive pink bubbles flow. #wakeupimagine #DomPérignonxLadyGaga #creativity #luxurybrands

Brands on Clubhouse

Or Brands oo any social media for that matter – it’s the consistent shiny spoon syndrome, when something is so new and fresh, #brands seemingly have no idea what to look for when it comes to Clubhouse they just know it’s a significant avenue that they should capitalize on. Clubhouse has been all the rage of late which evokes…

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Meaningful Brands increase Wallet Share by up to 9 times

Meaningful Brands increase Wallet Share by up to 9 times. Did you know that meaningful brands outperformed the stock market by a staggering 206% over the last decade? We know that content must connect, resonate, engage, and provide people with value in order to drive business results. According to Havas’ 2017 Meaningful Brands Global Study, 84% of…

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Is every day Valentine’s Day for a brand?

Is every day Valentine’s Day for a brand? Coming out of Valentine’s last week, it got me thinking… how tough it is to be a brand these days, with the relentless struggle to connect with and be loved by your public. Social Media has taken what used to be a one-way dialogue (with the brand…

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Please don’t use the term “Olympics”

Please don’t use the term “Olympics.” Ok, so we are obviously in supersaturated Olympic mode, and everybody is not only feeling the fervor but also trying to capitalize on the zeitgeist that surrounds the games. This year, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) came out with a whole bunch of very outdated rules, laws and guidelines…

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Brilliant Brands Appeal to Emotion not Logic

Brilliant Brands Appeal to Emotion not Logic. Our psychology is a potent and powerful thing, and you need to be part savvy marketer and part studied anthropologist to tap into it. Every day, we feel hundreds of different emotions – each nuanced to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in – and we…

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The Future of Brands is Experience

The Future of Brands is Experience. Close your eyes for a moment and think about a time when you had a truly great brand experience – an experience that engaged you, that moved you, sent those little tingles up your spine, captured your heart and mind… and made you want to share it. Now think……

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David Bowie the Iconoclast

David Bowie the Iconoclast. The world was saddened last week by the passing of an iconic musical pioneer, who taught generations the power of drama and constantly morphing personas within the musical arena. David Bowie was an infinitely changeable, creative and innovative genius that affected my life and the lives of many. As a young…

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Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015

Imagine bringing someone from 1750 to 2015. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on human history and the Law of Accelerating Returns – a theory put forward by futurist Ray Kurzweil. Here’s how it goes… let’s imagine for a second playing Back to the Future – for real – and taking a time machine…

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